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Magic Eagles vs their Mamma's

So....the Magic Eagles challenged their moms to a friendly basketball game.....the moms accepted and here's how it went down...The kids got a good chuckle when they saw their moms warming up but the moms took the early lead in the game as height was clearly an advantage for the parents. The game continued with the lead switching side a few times .....Although some of the parents discreetly asked me if we a had defibrillator, they persevered and continued to play hard. The moms were in the lead by 6 points going into the last shift. Suddenly the Magic Eagles put it in gear and finished with a 7 point victory . After the game, we ate pizza and watched a sideshow of the Provincials. It takes a very special group of girls to make it to the top and these girls displayed wonderful chemistry right from the start. These girls are going off to the same high school and already have a tight bond, thanks to the great sport of basketball .....Thanks to the Magic Eagles for a wonderful bball journey and to the was great having you by my side along the way .....A great time was had by all.


Go Magic Eagles!

Ms. Antioco








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