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The Provincial Mini Basketball Tournament at Gerald Filion High School in Longueuil on April 11-12-13th 2008

Our very special team called the Magic Eagles (combined team of Laurentia Magic and Morin Heights Eagles) went to the provincials last weekend. The tournament hosted the top 16 girls and 16 boys teams from all over Quebec. We lost our first game by 1 point, it was a heartbreaker so our team jumped to the consolation round. We played 3 more games against some very experienced and high caliber teams. Our girls showed determination and true grit and were victorious in all three. We finished our tourney with a 3-1 record which translated to 9th overall. We are extremely proud of our girls' accomplishments, they have worked so hard all year long and we were so fortunate to have experienced this tourney together.....we'll have these memories for life. Thank you Marie and Julie, our moms, who came along to lend a held. We also want to thank our fan club, comprised of parents, grandparents and siblings. We certainly felt your support throughout the whole weekend.

Congratulations to:

Cocco Anne-Laurence
Donoghue Sophie
Martel Emma
Richardson-Ksonzek Hanna
Riedel Donna
Vosniades Bianca
Yeats Erin
Boisvert Kassandra
Smarlack-Roy Ashley
Morel Sarah
Gagnon Claudia
Fillipone Melissa
Kires Marika
Guenette Amelie
Kalie Bigras....Manager


Go Magic Eagles.

Ms. Antioco
Peter Rdigway
Mr. Baumel







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