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Festival Sportif Mini Basketball

On Friday November 21st, 2008 our junior Lady Eaglets went to their very first tourney. The girls won their first game against McCaig but then lost to Vieux Chene, Longpre and McCaig "A" team. This was an excellent tourney for our girls as it exposed them to competitive basketball. The played their hearts out and held their own considering other teams were mostly made of grades 5-6, whereas our juniors are mostly grade 4's. Congratulations girls, I am extremely proud of your teamwork, effort and dedication to this beautiful sport. Good Luck in your next Tourney on Dec, 5th. We are so pleased for ALL of you.

Ms. Antioco
Lady Eaglets Coach



WE would like to thank the wonderful parents who are so supportive of our interscholastic programme.







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