Morin Heights P.E.



 The 24th Shawn Allarie Memorial Cup

On Wednesday Oct 2, 2013, our school participated in the 24th anniversary of the Shawn Allarie Cup in memory of our former student Shawn. We dedicate this day to Shawn for his courage and love of sports, in particular, the sport of soccer. Grades 4-5-6 players took to the pitches and played like true champs.This year's final saw the team 6 team from division "B" against the team 3 the Yellow team from Division ' A"' in the finals.

This year was particularly special because we had Shawn's friend , Darin Hodge, present the award to the blue team who won the game 3-1. It was an impromptu visit which culminated in a prefect ending to our day. Thank you Darin for comin and making this Shawn Allarie Cup a memorable one!!!!

So congratulations to ALL students...please enjoy these pictures...