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Sport Etudiant Ski And Snowboard Competition


Wow.....what a day....our MHES students made us proud indeed......they perfromed brilliantly and managed to bring home 5 medals. Congratulations to Molly, Matthew and Brooke for winning gold in their respective categories and to Kaelie and Max, a brother and sister team, for winning silver in their categoires. Our students should also be very proud of their effort in finishing 3rd overall in the grade 5 division for the banner and second overall for the grade 6 banner....a great time was had by all. A very special thank you to our parent volunteers without whom this day would not have been possible. I am extremely proud of you all...

Ms. Antioco


M.H.E.S. Ski & Snow Team

Morentzos Matthew
Morentzos Adam
Reidel Donna
Deguire Francis
Mount Steve
Ranger Keiran
Donoghue Sophie
Labbe Max
Labbe Kaelie
Boisvert William
Nicolas Gravel
Hanna Reader
Austin Hellstrom
Molly Watier
Andrea Coco
Clara Charron
Nikolas Boisvert
Brooke McMahon
Justin Jarry
Armita Behboodi
Julia St Jean-Maron
Max Bonneau
Cody Nowostawsky


Our wonderful parent volunteers: Aline, Hiedi, Suzanne, Bobby, Ed, Manon, Kathy, Terry and parents who popped in to support our young athletes..









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