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  Software & Projects
Tools Uses
Shockwave a must-have for much of the educational interactive sites on the Internet.
Flash a must-have for much of the educational interactive sites on the Internet.
Java a must-have for much of the educational interactive sites on the Internet.
VLC Media Player Perhaps the most flexible of all media players, VLC will play almost any audio or video file. It is a "must-have" utility for those who acquire clips from a variety of sources. Further to this, using VLC will remove the need to install endless, exotic codecs.
Paint.Net Paint.Net is a med-level image editor. An image editor is important to Power Point presentations in that it allows the user to resize or combine images; thereby allowing for smaller Power Point files.
Format Factory Format Factory allows the user to convert any audio/video file to any other audio/video file. Format Factory is an important tool when using Power Point since Power Point only accepts WMV video files and WAV audio files.
Download Helper Saving YouTube or web-based videos
Download Helper Job Aid
Drop Box Allows saving to the "cloud"; makes files portable - up to 2GB
How To Use DropBox - Video
Audacity podcasting; records speech & music
Audacity Guide - Short
Flip Cameras creates quick & easy-to-display video records of an event
A Flip Camera Job Aid
7 Things To Know About Flip Cameras
Flip Camera Project Ideas
Movie Maker Free Windows video editor. Windows Vista & 7 users can download Movie Maker here.
Movie Maker Job Aid
Movie Maker Live (on-line) Job Aid
Amazing Web 2.0 Projects A striking collection of Web 2.0 projects
Amazing Web 2.0 Projects
Digital Storytelling Literacy through a new medium
Microsoft's Digital Storytelling Book
Digital Storytelling - A Journey (Video)
Power Point the most direct path to digital representation & animation
Designing Effective Power Point Presentations
Power Point 2003 Cheatsheet
You Suck at Power Point, Jesse Dee
Power Point Animation
Pedagogical Use of Search Engines Google & Bing can provide effective research tools.
Search Tips
Bing - Getting Started
Developing Critical Thinking Through Web Research Skills
Smart Boards To begin a journey into the world of interactive white boards, you would first need to download Smart Notebook. You will also need a product key which you can acquire from the SWLSB RECIT. A wide variety of pre-written Smart Board activities can be had at the SWLSB RECIT Smart Board Resource Site and Smart Exchange.
For those who are interested in exploring Smart Board use in the classroom, you may wish to review the Introductory workshop notebook presentation; a list of interactive websites; and further Smart Board resources.
After this excursion, some may be interested in ther following Notebook presentations:
Gallery Items Any Educator Can Utilize
10 Simple Ways to Add Interactivity
Resources You Can Use
An Attendance Notebook File
CELTX Celtx is a unique pre-production software application which allows students to create film, audio, comic, and storyboard scripts. It also contains sample scripts. 
Freemind Functionally similar to Inspiration, Free Mind allows for organization along visual lines.

Skype is a video and telephone-based communications software application which allows video conferencing for up to four people for free.

Skype Job Aid


Tandberg Video Conferencing The standard unit employed within the SWLSB to connect classes to the world.
  Web 2.0 Internet-Based Sites & Activities

Word Clouds - Educational Tools
VoiceThread A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video.
VoiceThread Job Aid
Aviary On-line image & sound editing
Survey Monkey
On-line survey tools
Google Blogger Safe and secure journaling on the Internet
Google Blogger Job Aid
An Introduction to Blogs & Wikis
Google Docs Share documents among many users
Google Docs Rocks
Wikispaces Certainly the most teacher-friendly wiki site on the Web.
Wikispaces Job Aid
An Introduction to Blogs & Wikis
Wiki While You Work
Balado Web Students are invited to produce podcasts in the form of audioguides that highlight their immediate cultural
environment. Local works of art, the history behind the name of a street or waterway, a statue, a piece of
architecture, the birthplace of an author, anything of cultural interest.
Balado Web Video
Balado Web Brochure
Balado Web Power Point Presentation
Voki Voki allows students to share their knowledge of a topic in 60 seconds or less. Makes students organize their thoughts to focus on key details with customizable avatars.
Penzu Penzu encourages students to do some online journaling.
EyeJot Quick video messaging
Collaborize Classroom A very unique CMS (Content Management System) structured around student-teacher collaboration.
Edmodo The look and feel of Facebook with an educational perspective…polls, assignments, a gradebook, and now quizzes!
Tagxedo Wordle on steroids
Geogebra The ability to dynamically look at mathematical concepts for free makes it one of the most useful web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning mathematics. Not to mention all of the materials which are being shared on http//www.geogebratube.org
Jing An interesting, freeware program that allows recording over websites or images, producing a video file – excellent for short tutorials by students or teachers.
Celly A free, mobile network – connect your class!
Xtranormal A truly wonderful site, allowing users to create animated movies simply; however, there is a small cost.
Class Dojo Class behavior recording and reporting tool
Concept Board A non-flash, collaborative whiteboard tool
Prezi An excellent tool for sharing and engaging the audience with more creative, imaginative content.
UStream Ustream.tv is a great place for anyone to broadcast whatever they want live - from podcasts to news to school special events.
  Getting Started - Microsoft Free Tools
  Ten Tips for Teaching with New Media

Promoting ICT-Supported Learning:
Lessons from the BCT Network