LSHS Local Science Fair Results of Jan 25, 2006

Science Fair Committee

March 29, 2006
Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair RESULTS: Photos

The following are the results of our students at the MRSTF at Centennial Regional High School on the 28 th of March:

Senior 1 : Nicholas Likoray won 4 awards for his project Home Internet Video Streamer:

Senior 1 : Jonathan Iocobo and Michael Addona won a BRONZE medal for their project: Do Mouth Washes Really Work?

Intermediate : Malave Mehta and Glenn Millar won a BRONZE medal for their project : Liquid Nitrogen Cars

Laval Senior High School administration, teachers and Science Fair Committee congratulate all the participants for their great efforts in representing the school and the winners for their wonderful achievement.


Photos Jan 25, 2006

The following are the winning projects of each level:

However, 4 more projects deserved an Honorable Mention:

The administration, the judges, the science teachers and the science fair committee want to congratulate all those who participated for their great work and wish for the winners further success in the Regional science Fair.