Regional Science Fair

Laurier Senior High School CONGRATULATES ITS winners at the Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair:

1) GOLD Medal in addition to Mc Gill University –Faculty of Plant Sciences Award :
Ganeya GAJARAM and Melissa HORVAT for their project : ‘Is Natural the Way to Grow?’
2) SILVER Medal : Camelia HASSAY DEBUSSY and Laura LEPORE BERNHARD for their project: ‘ Are We Safe?’
3) BRONZE Medal : Christopher MORGAN and Samantha FIORINO for their project: ‘ Does your Stomach Hurt?’
4) BRONZE Medal : Melanie BADEA for her project : ‘Fuel Effect on Water Plants?’
5) BRONZE Medal : Michelle PUCCI for her project : ‘Concentration Multitasking’
6) Honourable Mention : Carl LAVOIE and Steven CERRI for their project : ‘Strength Factors In Overpasses’