First Steps & How-To's

Starting any new venture can be daunting; however, if it's approached in a systematic fashion with realistic expectations, success will necessarily follow.

If you are new to the Internet or computing, for that matter, you would do well to peruse the first section of the Laurentian CEMIS document, The Sir Wilfrid Laurier Windows 95 & Internet Explorer Handbook (MS Word 97 format). Most of your questions concerning the operation of Windows 95 or, by extension, 98 and Internet Explorer should be answerable within its pages; however, remember that manuals and handbooks are written to be consulted not read like a novel. There's very little excitement in Windows operations.

If you're the type of learner that likes to just jump in and learn while doing, start with The Internet in the Classroom & Staff Room (Adobe Acrobat Reader format) and explore the Internet from an educational point of view. At this point, the Power Point presentation, Creating a WebQuest, and companion text, The Writings of Dr. Bernie Dodge & Tom March Adobe Acrobat Reader format), would provide firm pedagogical models to integrate into your curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Moving your web pages to an Internet server

Making your favorite sites permanent

Further answers to questions frequently asked by teachers integrating new technologies in their curricula will be posted here shortly.