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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Sifakis, Nektaria  
Martinez, Laura  Administration Attendance Officer
Johnson, Daniel  Student Support Behaviour Technician
Dube, Margot   Librarian
Coté, Josée  Administration Principal
Kalipolidis, Mary   Resource
Musing, Patricia  Administration School Organization
Koutsos, Filia  Administration School Secretary
Durocher, Linda   Secretary
Zichella, Patricia   Secretary
Legault, Denise  Professional Social Worker
Pitsiladis, Betty  Student Support Special Ed. Attendant
Wilson, Gina  Student Support Special Ed. Attendant
Glantz-Pressman, Rosalie   Special Ed. Technician
Aliftiras, Vasiliki Betty  Student Support Student Supervisor
Starke, James  Student Support Student Supervisor
De Fanti, Lucia  Support Support
Aboud, Ron   Teacher
Alazzawi, Luay  Science Teacher
Amanatidis, Maria  Social Science Teacher
Amicarelli-Lehr, Rosangela  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Broccolini, Giancarlo  Social Science Teacher
Burton, Erin  Arts Teacher
Chyfetz, Karen  Computer Teacher
Cloutier, Anne-Julie  French Teacher
D'Amicantonio, Marina  Mathematics Teacher
Del Bosco, Carlo  Mathematics Teacher
Di Sano, Giancarlo  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
DiMarzio, Mylene  French Teacher
Dimitrakopoulos, Peter  E.R.C. Teacher
Downey, Janice  Special Education Teacher
Gasparrini, Claudia  Arts Teacher
Gosdanian, Aline  English Teacher
Groumas, Stavroula  Mathematics Teacher
Gurnagul, Leda  Arts Teacher
Jenkins, John  E.R.C. Teacher
Jeyamanoharam, Jamenie  French Teacher
Karamalis, Christina  Arts Teacher
Kavanagh, Patrick  Mathematics Teacher
Kerr, Shauna   Teacher
Lagopoulos, Paul  Social Science Teacher
Lambropoulos, Demetra  English Teacher
Larin, Martine  French Teacher
Lemay, Christian  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Levesque, Myriam  French Teacher
Liu, Ka-Ho  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Luomala, Daniel  English Teacher
Mainguy, Karine  French Teacher
Markoff, Morrie  English Teacher
Masson, Paul  Mathematics Teacher
Mbachu, Ebenezar  Science Teacher
McPherson, Heather  Science Teacher
Papadeas, Peter  English Teacher
Parks, Tina  Special Education Teacher
Peloquin, Karine  French Teacher
Politis, John  Science Teacher
Rossi, David  Social Science Teacher
Rousseau, Mylene  French Teacher
Sosiak, Jonathan  Mathematics Teacher
Stefatos, Kali  Mathematics Teacher
Strain, Alex  English Teacher
Thomas, Elaine  Music Teacher
Tomazos, Kosta  Resource Teacher
Tzotzis, Parthenope  Science Teacher
Vartavarian, Hovig   Teacher
Voinea, Dorin  Mathematics Teacher
Kalipolidis, Helen  Administration Vice Principal
Ioannidis, Michael  Guidance Guidance Counsellor
Schneider, Emmi  Technician Laboratory
Van Leeuwen, Hendrick  Technician Laboratory
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