Hopefully, this web site is only the beginning of our technological journey. If you have found any resources that have prove useful to you in a classroom situation, please share them with us via email.

If you are encountering any problems using the SMART board in your classroom, please do not hesitate to call or email the SWLSB RECIT consultant, SWLSB Science consultant or one of the instructors.


Nancy Bennett 819-242-2852 (Grenville Elementary)
Peter Bilodeau 450-621-5600, ext. 1358 (SWLSB ESD)
Tom Foreman 450-562-8571 (Laurentian Regional High School)
Barry Hannah 450-621-5600, ext. 1372 (SWLSB ESD)
Denis Lapierre 450-621-5900 (Rosemere High School)


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