SWLSB Teacher-Created SMART Activities
Assorted Generalist Activities Clown Sounds
Fish for Contractions Plurals
St. Patrick's Day ABC Order Storyboards
The Very Hungry Caterpiler  

The Writing of Autobiographies   - from Athena in the UK. Much of the site offers a specific whiteboard feature.

Choosing Adjectives - A drag and drop activity where you have to drag suitable adjectives into the spaces in a text. It is intended as a teaching tool as there is no checking facility.

Don't Use Said - A great teaching resource for looking at alternatives to the word 'said' in written work.

Goldilocks and the three bears - This is a BBC Snapdragon presentation. You can take the children through the story. It has voices as well as text. At the end there are lots of questions about the story. You can end the questions by quitting. When you come out of the story there are lots of other activities that you could get the children involved in.

Letter Formation - A complete set of upper and lower case letters to illustrate letter formation.

Make Beliefs Comix - This is a free online tool for creating comic strips, which coluld be used by pupils to support a wide range of curriculum areas.


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