Meta-Sites are large collections of links sharing a common theme - in this case, education and the use of SMART boards. Though some meta-sites can be tedious to sift through, the results are, more often than not, worth it.

SMART Technologies' Notebook software lesson activities - a cornucopia of interactive presentations, related hand-outs and lesson plans, cross-indexed for Canadian and American users by subject,  level and standards (including Quebec's). You may also wish to investigate SMART-created lesson activities which represent SMART's newest, unsorted offerings.

SMART Technologies 2-minute tutorials are certainly worth watching

LEARN offers an ever-widening collection of services which are indirectly compatible with SMART board usage.

The County of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom has mounted an eclectic collection of elementary notebook files, including FSL. As your viewing the sight, remember we can only use SMART board notebook software.

Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies' participant, Julie Thompson, has compiled a variety of K-3 (Elementary Cycle 1 & 2) resources compatible with Smart board usage.

InterActivate supplies a large number of Java-based courseware (Cycle 2 - Secondary Cycle 2).

British-based Topmarks SMART board resources offers an amazingly large amount of elementary, Flash-based resources.

PrimTICE is a French site dedicated to SMART BOARD usage at both the elementary & secondary levels.

Engaging Learners the SMART board Way - yet another cornucopia of activities; however many are design for single, not class, use.

Ready-made Jeopardy games in a variety of subjects from K to Secondary Cycle II in Power Point format - quite the site.

A huge collection of SMART board templates, again, n a variety of subjects from K to Secondary Cycle II.

UK-based Athena - Opening the Doors to Learning offers nearly all their material in interactive format.


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