SWLSB Teacher-Created SMART Activities
Area of Irregular Polygons Multiplication Review
Multiplying 2 and 3 Digits  

Interactive Math Activities provides an amazing variety of mathematical simulations and visualizations. Note, however, that elementary activities are inter-mixed with secondary activities.

The Kenyon County School District has created a variety of SMART board-based aids for Math instruction which you may find useful.

Illuminations - a Java-based K12 math site

Simple, direct activities from Ambleside Elementary School:

ONLINE CALCULATOR - Do you need to teach how to use a calculator to a whole class? - Try this big buttoned, highly visible screen calculator.

WHAT'S MY ANGLE? - online resource for teaching angles.

ANGLE ACTIVITIES - 20 interactive investigations using a protractor.

VIRTUAL TANGRAM - Explore shapes with our amazing interactive tangram.

COUNTER SQUARE - Don't bother with an OHP. Support your Numeracy Hour with this useful tool. Try the "Four in a Row" game!

SCRIBBLE - SQUARE - 100 square that can be drawn on and annotated onscreen..

SCRIBBLE - TABLES SQUARE - Times Table version.

INTERACTIVE NUMBER SQUARE - a teaching tool with 100 uses!


BIG COUNT - Early Years Counting Program - Simple to use - endless uses!

NUMBERLINES - Really useful tool for teaching Number Lines

THE DECIFRACTATOR - Explore decimals and fractions with your class.

SUPER SEQUENCER - practice your number patterns and decimals with this totally MEGA useful program! - Essential for Numeracy Hour at all ages. It can sequence decimals!

MULTI SEQUENCER - explore fractions tables and number relationships with this extended program that can display two changing number sequences at the same time.

NUMBER PATTERN GRIDS - practice number patterns with this useful tool.UPDATED to provide random tests.

NUMBER BOND MACHINES - Practice this vital skill here - to 5, 10, 100 or set your own. Very useful!

GUESS THE NUMBER - the classic estimation and halving activity.

AMBLEGRAPH - Create simple bar charts online. Children can use if for very quick surveys or a teacher can use it to model the construction of a bar graph with a class or group. Most elements are editable.

ANALOGUE CLOCK - Time Teaching Tool for Teachers!

The Multiplication Machine - Quick, simple practice for your tables.

The Addition Machine - Choose a skill level and off you go.

The Subtraction Machine - Keep on going

The Division Machine - If you know your tables this should not be too hard!

A very large collection (15 Mb.) of worthwhile downloadable elementary math notebook files collected by Nancy Bennett, Grenville & Laurentian elementary school ETIF. Note that you will have to uncompress this file with WinZip or WinRAR.


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