SMART boards allow teachers to create meaningful, interactive presentations for their students in a manner no more complicated than using an LCD projector. Each of our schools now have, at least, one SMART board.

Many teachers have had initial training; however, if you have not or if you wish to review the mechanics of using this exciting, pedagogical device, download this short tutorial developed by LEARN.

If your school's SMART board is, as yet, unused, you may wish to ask your CRP or ETIF to ask your school's technician, via the GRDS system, to install the SMART board and mount the accompanying software.

SMART Tech allows its software to be copied by educators whose board has invested in the product. Pending the permission of your principal, you may install SMART board software on your home computer. Should your principal not allow the software to leave the school, you may download the most up-to-date version from SMART Tech directly. Since the file is over 100 Mb., this may prove problematic if you're home Internet connection is dial-up.

Note, when installing SMART software at home, it is only necessary to mount the Notebook option. This will save a great deal of space on your hard drive and pre-empt a number of start-up issues. On the other hand, we recommend that you load SMART's Essentials for Educators, contained in the same software file.

At this point, you may wish to review SMART board's potential pedagogical features. Note that this file can only be read in the SMART board notebook.

As you peruse the material contained on this resource site, it important to remember the following:

  • You may use existing Power Point presentations within the Notebook framework; however, they must be imported first (File -> Import)
  • Much of the material suggested herein relies on Flash, Shockwave or Java to run properly. These programs must be loaded on to whatever computer you select to connect to the SMART board at school and, as importantly, on your computer at home.
  • Remember that you need not use dedicated notebook files to use the SMART board effectively. Many Power Point, Flash, Shockwave and Java programs can be run directly from either the Internet or on your computer.
  • When perusing the material contained on this resource site, remember that the only file extensions viewable, without conversion, in the Notebook are *.xbk and *.notebook. All others may prove problematic.
  • Remember that, as you copy and gather resources for use in the classroom, they must be placed in your "O" drive at school. The easiest way to do this is via the SWLSB portal. Simply point your browser to the Portal site, enter with your email user ID and password and upload the files you wish to use in your Folders/Files section. Repeat the process in reverse at school. If your school's technician has opened the USB ports to teachers, then you may transfer your files by memory stick.
  • Due to the immense popularity of this device, links and resources are beyond abundant. Therefore, only the parent site will be listed. Noteworthy daughter sites will be noted but not linked.

For the more adventurous, SMART Tech is offering a free Lesson Activity Toolkit for those who would like to create presentations from scratch.

Should you find useful, SMART board resources not included here, please send them to the site webmaster and they will be added for all to share. Similarly, if you find any dead links on this site, please report them to the site webmaster.

Much thanks goes to Nancy Bennett (ETIF - Grenville & Laurentian elementary schools), Tom Foreman (ETIF - Media Studies, Laurentian Regional High School) and Denis Lapierre (teacher, Rosemere High School) who assisted in the training process and the compilation of this site. Special thanks also goes to Bob Steele, webmaster of Bob's Place of Edulinks.

Introductory & Intermediate Smart Board Workshop Resources

The SWLSB RECIT has been engaged in training teachers to integrate this technology throughout our board. Below please find a list of resources which may be of interest to those who wish to integrate Smart Boards in their classroom but have not had the opportunity to attend any of the workshops,


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