The General Directorate, Legal, Corporate and Communications work in collaboration with the Council of Commissioners for the long-term development of directions for the school board in partnership with all of the stakeholders: parents, commissioners, staff, government agencies, school communities, and the taxpayers.

The General Directorate, Corporate Affairs and Communication Services propose orientations, provide long-term planning, develop and implement policies, provide legal requirements for the corporate units and coordinates the communications and translation activities of the school board. Access to information requests is also handled by the Corporate Affairs services.

Director General | Gaëlle Absolonne
Assistant Director General | Frédéric Greschner
Administration Officer to the Director General & Chairperson | Karine Valiquette

Secretary General and Director of the Legal, Corporate and Communications Department | Me Anna Sollazzo, LL.B.
Interim Assistant Director of Legal, Corporate and Communications | Me Eloïse Robichaud, LL.B.
Administration Officer to the Secretary General | Jocelyne Thompson-Ness
Translator | Manon Bujold
Librarian | Patricia Di Palma

Communications Coordinator | Maxeen Jolin
Communications Consultant | Julie Jasmann
Graphic Art Technician | Susan O’Keeffe

Business Training Services
Coordinator | Sophie Thibault
Project development officer | Evie Karoubalis
Project development officer | Lorie Gannon
Project development officer | Vicky Brikas
Secretary | Anne Fortin

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