Summer school will take place this year at:
Laval Senior Academy, 3200, Boulevard du Souvenir Ouest, Laval H7V 1W9

Instructional period from July 10 to July 21, 2023
EXAM PERIOD (for secondary 4 & 5 students ONLY!) from July 24 to August 2, 2023

Course scheduling will allow students to take two subjects whenever possible.


SWL student 

External student

Course PLUS Exam



Exam only (Secondary 4-5 students only) 

No administration fee 

$50 administration fee

To register for Summer Program courses or exams, students must bring: 

  • June 2023 Report Card
  • July 2023  MEQ Achievement Record (Secondary 4 & 5)
  • Proof of eligibility required for non-SWLSB students

 Online payment by Visa, Mastercard or Cash

  • In person by Interac, Visa, Mastercard or cash 
  • Personal cheques will NOT be accepted 
  • courses must be paid in full before the start of classes. 

Courses available - SUMMER SCHOOL - Secondary 1-3 students:   

  • Mathematics
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • French (FSL) 

This will involve instruction and assessment with a final summative exam (100% of final mark will be exam based). This will all take place during the instructional period. 


Secondary 4-5 students:  MEQ credit course exam subjects

Secondary 4 

  • Sec. 4 CST Math (563-414) 
  • Sec. 4 SN Math (565-426) subject to teacher availability 
  • Sec. 4 Science and Technology (555-444) 
  • Sec. 4 History of Quebec and Canada (585-404) 

 Secondary 5 

  • Sec. 5 ELA (612-536) 
  • Sec. 5 FSL base (634-504) 
  • Also, special 2 credit courses may be opened to help student obtain missing credits  
  • The courses may in Art, Integrative Project or Media Studies (subject to demand/availability) 


  • Sec. 4 CST Math (563-420) 
  • Sec. 4 SN   Math (565-420) 
  • Sec. 4 Science and Technology (ST) (555-410) 
  • Sec. 4 Applied Science and Technology (AST) (557-410) 
  • Sec. 4 History of Quebec and Canada (585-404) 
  • Sec. 5 English Language Arts* (612-520, 612-530) 
  • Sec. 5 French Second Language  (base) (634-510, 520 and 530) 
  • Sec. 5 French Second Language  (enrichi) (635-520 and 530) 

NOTE for exam only retakes, ONLY MEQ evaluated competencies will be available 

The Summer School Coordinator can be reached as of June 26, 2023
450 621-5600, ext. 8560

Online registration available from June 26– 30, 2023

How do I access my results?

The Summer School Report Card does NOT indicate the final result. The official results will be available on the MEQ Achievement Record which can be accessed via the MEQ Portal, the Mozaik Portal (for student active in our school board) and by mail. 

 Secondary 1 to 3:
The final results for students in Secondary 1, 2 and 3 will be available via the Summer School Report Card which will be sent out via email to parents.  

Secondary 4 and 5: MEQ Portal (for all Secondary 4 and 5 students)

  1. Go to education.gouv.qc.ca.
  2. Click on Online Services; then select Online Academic Records.
  3. on the Online Services Page, select Create an account.
  4. Provide the requested personal information, which allows us to identify you, including your permanent code, and your file number. If you do not already have this information, please contact your school.


Mozaik Portal (for Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 students until July 31, 2023)

  1. Go to Mozaik Parent Portal
  2. Click on Results, then select Ministry Results
  3. Your MEQ final result will be displayed

* NOTE the availability of courses will depend on the number of registrations /availability of staff

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