Summer School will be held online from July 5 to July 23, 2021.

Click HERE to register online beginning June 28th (8am) to July 2 (noon).

More details, including courses available, can be found in the attached brochure.

Please email for more information

Summer School 2021  – Courses being offered*

The 2021 Summer School will use project-based learning to assess students. Summer school exists to help students with a failing grade in a given course (typically in the 50-59% range) to have another chance at passing.

  • Secondary 1 to 3
    English Language Arts
    French Second Language
  • Secondary 4
    Math CST & SN (Bridge)
    SciTech ST Theory
    History of Quebec and Canada
    Visual Arts
    French Second Language
    English Language Arts
  • Secondary 5
    English Language Arts
    French Second Language
    2 types of special projects (2 credits) – ERC specific project and General 2 credit project

* NOTE the availability of courses will depend on the number of registrations /availability of staff




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