The Mozaïk Portal access is now open for families to see the 2023-2024 bussing information for students.

Reminder to all students who use STL transport: get your Opus card as soon as possible to avoid long lineups.

STL Transportation Information 2023-2024


Axelle and Pitchouf: Let’s Go! is an educational tool that promotes the development of safe behaviours in 5- to 8-year-olds when they are travelling to and from school.


The STL network includes more than 40 integrated school routes, which provide students with transportation to schools from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB).

To make it easier for you, the STL team has some helpful documents and tips to share. You can visit their website to attend an information session.


SWLSB Annual Bus Safety Program

The purpose of this program is to introduce all SWLSB elementary school students to the school bus transportation safety guidelines and to ensure that these young students become safe and confident bus riders.

Safety around school zones!

Many students will soon be crossing the streets, drivers must be very careful and patient on the road and respect road signs. Drivers must be particularly alert in school zones, where traffic is moving slowly. Remember the speed limit in school zones is 30 km/h.

If you wish to drive your children to school, make sure to park your vehicle where parking is permitted. Do not block private driveways, crosswalks or streets and obey flashing lights on buses and stop signs.
To avoid road congestion near schools, you can encourage your children to walk instead of driving them. Keeping children active is beneficial to their health. Trained crossing guards can be found along school routes to help your children cross at intersections to ensure their safety.


Bus routes are available on the MOZAIK parent portal. Please verify your child’s transportation information 24 to 48 hours before the first day of school in case of any last minute change.

Available here: instructions on how to access the bus routes on the Mozaïk Portal

FAQ - Bus Transportation

Is my child eligible for transportation?

If your child is zoned for the school he/she is attending, they may be eligible for transportation, as indicated below. Otherwise, you will need to transport your child to school and/or use the daycare services provided by your school.

Transportation will be provided to students, within their school zones, meeting the following conditions of eligibility:

  • Kindergarten students who reside at a distance of 800 metres or more from the school they attend.
  • Elementary students who reside at a distance of 1.6 km or more from the school they attend.
  • Secondary students who reside at a distance of 1.6 km or more from the school they attend.
  • Students with physical or intellectual impairment who require specialized transportation and have been identified and authorized by the board. In this case, you must complete this form to be considered FORM_Transportation_Medical Certificate ENG_rev

How do I know if my child is within their school zone?

Click on Find my school to determine if your child is zoned for your school. If so, he/she is eligible for transportation.

You may access the Our Schools page to access more detailed information on each school zone.

How do I go about requesting bus transportation?

In order to request transportation for your child, you will need to contact your school secretary to make this request.

Will the bus stop in front of my house?

Buses will not normally stop in front of a student’s house unless they require specialized transportation. All eligible students are assigned a morning and an afternoon bus stop.

Students will not normally be required to walk more than the distances shown below from the nearest point of access of their property to the bus stop.

– Kindergarten – 300 meters
– Elementary (levels 1-6) – 600 meters
– Secondary – 1000 meters

Can my child have bus transportation even though we live within walking distance?

Although your child is within walking distance of the school you may request for a bus transportation accommodation. Your request will be assessed and MAY be accepted IF there is available seating and no routing alterations are required.

The Accommodations Request Form (below) will need to be completed and sent to your school secretary.

FORM_Transportation_Accommodation request FORM – walker

What can my child bring on the school bus?

The following items are permitted on a school bus:

  • One school bag
  • One lunch bag
  • One sports bag of reasonable dimension that can be placed on the student’s knees.
  • One small musical instrument that can be placed on the student’s knees.
  • Skates & in-line skates must be carried in a small sports bag (provided it is within a sponsored school program).
  • All types of balls if carried in a small sports bag.
  • Badminton, squash or tennis rackets if carried in a small sports bag (within a sponsored school program).

I am moving. To who should I provide my change of address?

You will need to send your school secretary an email with your new address. In that same email, you may request or cancel bus transportation for your child. Your school secretary will inform you once transportation has been set up, if required.

How long does it take to process new bus stop requests?

Most changes made will take effect up to 72 hours after your request has been received by your school secretary. The latest bussing information is available on the parent portal, MOZAÏK.

Timeline to process requests according to Policy 1999-TS-01:

Request Dates Timeline
October 1 to June 30      —      72 hours
July 1 to August 15    —     15 working days
August 15 to September 30    —     15 working days

Where can I access detailed information about bus timing and stop locations?

As of mid-August, you may visit the MOZAÏK Parent Portal or by clicking on this Find My Bus link

What are the Bus Safety Rules?

The following Bus Safety Rules must be followed by all students taking bus transportation:

Bus rules

I have a complaint about bus transportation (e.g. bus driver, stop location). Who should I contact?

You may send an email to or by calling 450-621-5600 ext. 1398.

Who should I contact in case of an emergency before 8:00 am and after 4:00 pm?

Click on the links below to access the list of emergency phone numbers to speak directly with the Bus contractor before and after regular school board office hours (M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm).

Emergency phone numbers

Emergency phone numbers – Sainte-Agathe Academy

Emergency phone numbers – Joliette

My child left his school bag on the bus, who do I contact about getting it back?

You may contact the bus contractor directly to further discuss getting the item returned.

Emergency phone numbers

2019-2020 Emergency phone numbers – Sainte-Agathe Academy

Emergency phone numbers – Joliette

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