The Material Resources and Transportation Department coordinates all activities pertaining to capital projects (construction, extension and renovation of buildings), building maintenance, equipment and grounds as well as transportation services. It ensures supply services and energy resources and facility management. This department also plays a key role in providing advice and expertise to school administrators with respect to safety and upkeep. The Material Resources and Transportation Department uses a client-based approach to meet the needs of its clientele, i.e. all students and staff members.

Transportation Services

  • Responsible for the daily operations of the school bus system
  • Establishes bus stops and transfer points
  • Regularly verifies the safety of certain routes (driving procedures, bus stop locations & all other possible hazards).
  • Collaborates with the school administration, bus drivers and all others to provide support services in areas of concerns regarding situations occurring on the buses or at bus stops.
  • Provides schools and bus drivers with student bus lists.
  • Ensures that all contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  • Organizes public awareness & communications campaigns on student bus safety and effective driver awareness and training.
  • Aims to provide safe and reliable transportation services by ensuring the implementation of the Transportation Policy & procedures manual (see link below).

Director | Michel Dufour
Assistant Director | Marilyne Demers
Procurement Coordinator | Priscilla Lingaya
Investment Division Coordinator | Lucian Iordache
Maintenance Coordinator | Jean-Gabriel Fortin
Transportation Coordinator | Andrew Robinson
Superintendent | Yvon Pratte
Foreman | Mark McMahon
Foreman | Jacques Gendron
Project Manager | Amin Aghaeiabadalani

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