In the past few weeks, the world has watched in real-time as a humanitarian crisis unfolds in Eastern Europe. As each hour and day passes thousands of Ukrainian refugees are seeking asylum in neighboring countries and some will eventually make their way to Canada and Quebec.  As a community, the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, has undertaken a board-wide project to raise funds to help these refugees as they leave their homes and seek asylum abroad.


We, as a whole community, will partner with World Vision Canada who is providing support on the front lines of this unfolding crisis.  World Vision has declared a Category 3 humanitarian crisis for Ukraine, meaning a full-scale response effort. They are delivering food and supplies within Ukraine, and providing assistance at the borders of Romania, Moldova, and Georgia.  Beyond offering basic supplies, World Vision is offering psychological first aid and educational continuity to families and children. One of the biggest priorities is ensuring child protection, offering what is called Child-Friendly Spaces, by ensuring that parents and children stay together, are cared for, and are protected from violence.

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