Environment Canada is forecasting hot and humid air mass and the temperature is expected to reach or exceed 30 degrees Celsius in the next few days, more so on Monday and Tuesday, June 7 & 8.

During times of high heat, we wish to remind you of the following tips and hope you can discuss them with your child(ren):

Before school

  • To ensure students apply sunscreen before they come to school, and to bring some at school in order to re-apply when necessary;
  • Each student is encouraged to bring a bottle of water to school, which can be re-filled during the day as needed;
  • Students should also bring a sunhat which covers their head, neck and ears when going outside.

During School

  • Students will be encouraged to stay in the shade during recess and lunch;
  • Students will be given time to refill their water bottles and will be encouraged to drink at regular intervals;
  • Students will be encouraged to apply sunscreen before going outside if they brought some at school;
  • Physical education classes will avoid high impact/intensity activities, and whenever possible, take place in shaded areas or indoors;
  • Students will be reminded to wear their sunhats and have water bottles with them. If the heat is excessive, alternative activities could be arranged for your child in a classroom space.

Last week, a memo was sent to all schools/centres to ensure that concrete actions are taken during heat waves to avoid overheating:

  • All sanitary measures continue to apply (washing of hands, wearing of procedural mask, etc.);
  • To use curtains or reflective blinds;
  • To minimize the use of lights and electrical devices;
  • To prioritize use of shaded areas outside;
  • To encourage students to drink regularly;
  • To avoid intense physical activity with students;
  • Where applicable, the use of air purifiers, air conditioners and fans are allowed at low speed, as long as the air flow is not directly towards individuals and, a 2-foot clearance from the unit must be respected as per INSPQ recommendations;
  • To be attentive of students’ conditions to avoid overheating and allow for cooling off.

Resources and useful links
You can also refer to the following sites for additional information:

The health and safety of our students, staff and stakeholders remains our priority.
Thank you for your continued cooperation and stay cool!


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