There is a $20 fee PER ROLL NUMBER requested. Please note that enquiries are NOT accepted by telephone.

All requests for information must be made in writing by mail with attached cheque, or by e-mail at

If you have a credit balance in your account, you can make a request by e-mail at:

A  40.00$ deposit is required to open an account

User fees
The user agrees to pay to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board a fee of $20 for each file consulted. The user also agrees to verify his monthly statement and to send a payment for all files consulted. As indicated on page 31 of the User Guide, the user’s account must always have a credit balance of $40, which represents the amount required for covering two consultations.

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board reserves the right to modify the content and the price of services offered.

Electronic Access for Notaries

For notaries, our taxation software permits the electronic consultation and printing of a tax statement of a property. Please call the School Tax Department in order to obtain the pertinent information.


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