Dear families,

As a follow up to last week’s communication, you will find below an update regarding school transportation services.

Status of Negotiations with the Transportation Companies
Although negotiations are still ongoing between the Québec government and the Fédération des transporteurs par autobus (FTA) with the help of a negotiator, no agreement has been reached to date.

While we are hopeful that the negotiations will be successful, it is important that families prepare themselves should school transportation services (yellow buses and berlines) not be available when school begins.

The start of the school year will not be delayed, even if there are no transportation services. All students are expected to be in class as of the first day of school, unless advised otherwise by your school principal.

Each school will inform its community in the coming days of the specific measures that will be put in place should there be a disruption in school transportation services.

Please keep in mind that this situation affects not only the SWLSB, but many school boards and service centres across the province.

Bus Driver Shortage
Like in many other sectors, there is a staff shortage among bus drivers. Should negotiations be concluded and contracts signed before the beginning of the school year, your child’s bus route may still be affected if there is no bus driver for the bus route.

Bus Routes on Mozaïk Portal
Bus routes are available on the Mozaïk portal for your information but are dependent on the evolution of this situation.

Rest assured that student and staff safety remains our utmost priority. As the situation is still evolving, any new information will be communicated in the coming days. All updates will be communicated by email and posted on our website and social media platforms.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and valuable collaboration during these uncertain times.

The Legal, Corporate and Communications Team

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