Dear families,

We sincerely regret to inform you that negotiations are still ongoing with Groupe Renaud which includes Autobus G.D. Paquette. Unfortunately, no settlement has been reached to date despite our continued efforts.

Even if an agreement is reached this week, buses would not resume before Tuesday, September 6. Consequently, please continue with your arrangements to drive your child(ren) to and from school for the rest of the week.

Although we can understand that transportation companies have their own challenges, our priority remains our students/families and we cannot accept that some of our students still remain without transportation services. As such, we have been actively collaborating with the Ministry of Education to find solutions to this very serious challenge.

We realize that yesterday’s update regarding transportation may have been perceived by some, as a lack of sensitivity to families that remain without transportation. Our communication should have better explained that we had concluded agreements with 7 out of our 9 transporters, whereas on Monday, we still had no official agreements to transport any of our students for the first day of school.

We understand that this situation poses challenges to our families and school teams, and we want to reassure you that we are working tirelessly to resolve this.

Once again, we thank you for your understanding, patience and adaptability.

The Legal, Corporate and Communications Team

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