Registration to Heritage Elementary School

Please call 450 621-7277 to register a NEW STUDENT who lives in the Saint-Lin-Laurentides school zone and who is CURRENTLY NOT registered in a SWLSB school. 

The new elementary school will have a school daycare service and will be a late-start school (the estimated start time is 9:15 a.m.).

NEW! Official name of the new school

We are excited to announce that the new school in St-Lin-Laurentides has been named: Heritage Elementary School.

We conducted a contest where 51people suggested names. A committee then selected 3 names of all suggested names and proceeded to a vote with the families registered to the new school as well as the staff of the 6 schools part of the rezoning.

  • Achigan Elementary School (16% votes).
  • Heritage Elementary School (44% votes).
  • Laurier Elementary School (40% votes).

The Council of Commissioners has officially adopted ‘Heritage Elementary School,’ and the Commission de la toponymie has also approved it.

Looking ahead, we are planning to create the school’s logo as a joint effort once students and staff are in place. This will ensure that everyone can participate and contribute to the visual identity of Heritage Elementary School.


New School St-Lin-Laurentides- Attendance Zone

The attendance zones for the new school in St-Lin school, FHES and Pinewood were adopted at the June 21, 2023 Council of Commissioners meeting.

Address of new school: 878, 9e avenue, Saint-Lin-Laurentides

Cities and towns included in Saint-Lin-Laurentides School Zone: 

Joliette Elementary School Zone

  • Saint-Calixte
  • Saint-Esprit
  • Saint-Lin-Laurentides
  • Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan
  • Saint-Roch-Ouest

Rawdon Elementary School Zone

  • Saint-Calixte-North
  • Sainte-Julienne (South-West of)

Laurentia Elementary School Zone

  • Sainte-Sophie (East of Morel/Masson)

Pierre Elliott Elementary School Zone

  • Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines

Pinewood Elementary School Zone

  • La Plaine (Terrebonne)

Impact on Franklin Hill and Pinewood Elementary Schools Attendance Zones

Revisions for Franklin Hill and Pinewood Attendance Zones

Sectors removed from Joliette Elementary and added to Franklin Hill

  • Saint-Sulpice
  • L’Assomption
  • L’Épiphanie
  • Lavaltrie (South-West of)

Sectors (the boot) removed from Franklin Hill and added to Pinewood

  • Îles St-Jean
  • Old Terrebonne
  • Terrebonne (East side of highway 25)

Sector removed from Pinewood and added to new school in Saint-Lin-Laurentides

  • La Plaine (Terrebonne)

Heritage School - Construction update - May 30, 2024

Heritage School - Construction update - April 24, 2024

It's all coming together! Exterior of the school - March 28, 2024

Interior of the school - March 28, 2024

Work has started inside the school (January 18, 2024)

St-Lin-Laurentides New School | Construction update (Nov. 24, 2023)

The school is beginning to take shape (Oct. 2023)

Still looking like a construction site,
but construction of the new school is going well.
(Sept. 20, 2023)

Work continues to move along well (August 2023)

Work is moving along well (June 2023)

Groundbreaking ceremony- April 24, 2023

Our new elementary school will welcome students from Kindergarten for 4 years old to grade 6 from the surrounding municipalities of Saint-Lin-Laurentides, such as Sainte-Sophie, Saint-Esprit, Saint-Roch de l’Achigan, La Plaine, Saint-Calixte, and Sainte-Julienne.

As soon as the official school zone is adopted by the Council of Commissioners, we will post it on this page. In the meantime, you can view the consultation presentations and documents here.

Here are some pictures of what the school will look like and where it will be located. It will be built with the MEQ new school generation specificities.

The attendance zone for the new school was adopted at the June 21, 2023 Council of Commissioners meeting. You can read the minutes here. (Item 7.1)


When will this new school open?

The new elementary school is scheduled to welcome its first students by September 2024.

Where will the school be located, what is the address?

The new school will be located at 878, 9th Avenue in Saint-Lin-Laurentides in the Lanaudière region. 

Does it take into account the fast demographic growth of the region?

Yes. Basing ourselves on the MEQ projections for the region, the rapid demographic rate has been considered in selecting the location and zoning for the new elementary school. 

How can I have my child stay at the same school?

Parents may choose to send their child(ren) to an out-of-zone school knowing that this is a process that needs to be renewed for each school year. If your child is granted out-of-zone status, transportation to and from school is the parents responsibility. The parent must register at their zoned school and complete a registration form as well as an out-of-zone request which can be found on the school board website. 

Are there any plans to have a high school in the Mascouche area, as there are more and more English-speaking families and also travelling time to the only High school in Rosemere is getting longer and longer because of increased traffic.

The SWLSB does not have any plans for a high school in the Mascouche area for the moment although infrastructure needs are reviewed annually. 

What will be the school schedule (hours)? Will there be transportation provided?

It is too early in the process to be able to determine start and end times for the school. These hours will be determined in accordance with transportation availability and capacity. When determining school zones, transportation is always considered in order to offer the best possible services. 

Will kids be able to go to the same school where they started elementary school?

Only part of the schools population will be affected by the rezoning. The displacement of students will be in accordance with the rezoning criterion that are presently being consulted upon. The possibility to attend a specific school is based on the enrolment criteria (link policy). Refer to 6.2 Enrolment Priority Order.

Will there be transportation provided, as school transportation seems difficult in this area.

Transportation services are provided as per our Transportation Policy 

Has the clause 5-3.26 that refers to the 50 km been considered?

This clause applies to the personnel of existing schools impactedThe year before the opening of the school, the HR department will follow the process stipulated in the collective agreement.

What proportion of students from each potential school would be displaced?

The displacement of students will be in accordance with the rezoning criterion that are presently being consulted upon. The possibility to attend a specific school is based on the enrolment criteria. Refer to 6.2 Enrolment Priority Order. 

How many classes will be opened?

The projection is to have a total of 16 classes ranging from 4-year-old kindergarten to grade 6.

How many minutes per week or general percentage will the FSL program have? 30%?

For the first year, subject-time allocation will be determined by the Provisional Governing Board. For all other years, the process to determine subject-time allocation will follow the SWLSB regular process.

What will the school’s educational program be? (English core, bilingual, French immersion)

It is too early in the process to determine the educational program for the new elementary school. Such a topic will be determined by the school’s Governing Board and be implemented according to the school’s subjecttime allocation. 

How is the new school capacity evaluated?

The capacity of the new school is based on MEQ projections for the next 5 years. 

The capacity of this new school will be 384 students. 

Will there be a pre-K program?

As with all other 4-year-old kindergarten programs, a minimum number of registrations are required to open a class. Should the minimum number of registrations be met, the new school will offer the 4-year-old kindergarten program.

Will there be a committee to help set-up for the opening of the school?

A provisional Governing Board will be formed, and the school will also be allocated human resources in light of its enrolment. 

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