Rosemère, February 23, 2023 – At its regular Council of Commissioners meeting, Council recognized students and teachers who participated in the 2023 bus safety contest. This contest is organized every year by the Material Resources and Transportation Department.

February is the perfect month to recognize the winners of this year’s bus safety contest, as it coincides with the Bus Carriers Federation’s safety campaign “Did You See Me?,” which reminds road users of the importance of paying attention to school bus signs, frequent stops, and children getting on and off buses and crossing the road.

The winners of the contest were recognized by the Council of Commissioners last night. The winner in the Grade 5 category is Léna from Pinewood Elementary School whose drawing entitled “Stay Seated to Stay Safe!” won the hearts of the judges and best represented the theme of the annual bus safety campaign. Chairperson Paolo Galati commented, “Léna’s artwork is a great example of our students’ creativity and imagination. Through her drawing, Léna showcased the importance of safety on the school bus.”

In the Grade 6 category, Hillcrest classes E61 and E62 were selected for their outstanding taglines promoting anti-bullying on school buses. The Grade 6 students who submitted their taglines as a group were represented at the Council meeting by teacher Marisa Goffredo and principal Tania Marchitello.

Paolo Galati thanked Marisa Goffredo for her important contribution to this anti-bullying project at Hillcrest Academy and for having a dialogue about bullying with her students, thereby contributing to making our school buses safer and more inclusive places.

The winners of the contest will receive certificates of recognition, and their drawings and taglines will be displayed in the head office boardroom. The Council congratulated all the winners and expressed its appreciation for their contribution to bus safety awareness. At the end of the school year, Léna’s Grade 5 class at Pinewood Elementary and the Grade 6 students at Hillcrest Academy will be going on a field trip as a reward for winning the contest.

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