Annual School tax payment- FAQ

Why are there two remittance stubs?

Any amounts over $300 may be payable in two equal instalments.

Can I pay the full amount?

Yes, the amount can be paid in full.

Where can I pay?

At most financial institutions or by mailing a cheque along with the first remittance stub using the envelope enclosed with your invoice.

Can I pay by internet?

Yes, with your financial institution (telephone or internet banking, as with all other payments). Please use the 20-digit reference number starting with 02584 when entering your payment. Choose “SIR WILFRID LAURIER SCHOOL BOARD – TAX” (keyword: Laurier).

Will interest be charged to me if the annual bill is paid after the first due date?

If the first payment is not received by the due date, the entire amount becomes due immediately and interest incurs according to interest rate on the annual bill.

I am having difficulty getting through on the phone line (extension 1341). Is there another way to communicate with the Taxation Department?

During the summer months and at other peak periods during the year, we may experience a high volume of calls, making it difficult to respond quickly to every caller. Alternatively, you may also contact us by e-mail at

Why have I received an invoice from the French school board this year even though I signed a form, before April 1, to change to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board?

If you are a new owner, the change will be effective only when the official certificate from the city is registered with the school board. Unfortunately, as the school board sometimes receives this certificate after April 1, you will be billed by the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board only the following taxation year.

Is the tax rate the same as the French school board?

The government has assigned a tax rate to each French school board. The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board uses the same rate as the French school board in the territory being taxed. In addition, the tax is calculated based on the value of the adjusted standardized assessment of the immovable that exceeds $25,000 (see example below).


How is my property value determined?

The school board uses the values entered on the municipal rolls to calculate the value for school taxes. These values are then averaged over the life of the roll as prescribed by law.

How is the averaging calculated?

The difference between the previous municipal valuation roll and the new municipal valuation roll is divided by three and added in incremental steps to the previous year’s valuation, whether it is an increase or a decrease. The first $25,000 is removed from the value used to calculate the school tax.

Why is there no averaging on my account?

If there was a change in valuation after January 1, the law does not provide for averaging.

What does the school board do with the monies collected from school taxes?

Please refer to the pamphlet enclosed with your tax bill and our website for a detailed explanation.

Will I receive a reminder from the school board if my account remains unpaid after the November due date?

The school board does not send reminders or notices for unpaid invoices

Can I obtain a receipt for income tax purposes?

The original bill that is mailed to you is considered your receipt for income tax purposes. There is a $20 fee to issue a duplicate invoice or a receipt.

Can I obtain a copy of my invoice online?

The school tax bill is now available online. Please refer to this website and click on the “Visitor” button.

For privacy purposes, please take note that past due balances, including interest charges, are not included on the school tax bill. The Taxation Department must be contacted to obtain the current balance due.

What action should be taken if the property changes hands but the invoice is still addressed to the previous owner?

To avoid paying interest charges, the new owner must pay this bill before the due date despite the fact it may have been addressed to the previous owner. If you are not the owner of the immovable for which this bill has been issued, please forward this bill to the new owner or return it to us

I have moved and not received the tax will. What action should I take?

School tax bills are mailed at the beginning of July. It is your responsibility to inform School Board’s Tax Department as soon as possible to ensure that your file is up-to-date for any change of address. Interest charges will be incurred.

Will a bill be sent to my financial institution?

School tax bills are mailed to the property owner at the mailing address recorded in the taxpayer’s file. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure that a copy is forwarded to their financial institution.

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